What's the smallest tract you will cut?

ANSWER |    Twenty acres is usually the lowest we can go. This is typically what it takes to support equipment moving cost, labor, and other overhead while still being profitable to both the buyer and the seller. Volume plays a key role in this decision; in some cases, a smaller tract may contain enough volume to be cut.

What area do you serve?

ANSWER | We operate between the Piedmont and Coastal Plains of SC. It's safe to say if you are in-between Columbia SC & Charleston, SC, you are in our operating area.

Outside of those areas? Give us a call; we still may be able to help.

Do you buy both pine and hardwood?

ANSWER | Yes, we do!

Caw Caw Land & Timber Has the ability to log pine on a hill or hardwood in a swamp and everything in between. With over 80 years of combined experience, our crew of professional loggers can extract timber from any land type.

Are you SFI trained?

ANSWER | SFI is a system of principles, guidelines, and performance measures that integrate the perpetual growing and harvesting of trees to protect wildlife, plants, soil, and water.

The employees of Caw Caw Land & Timber are SFI Trained, and we sincerely support the Sustainable Forestry Organization Initiative.

What types of harvesting do you do ?

ANSWER | Conventional clearcutting, select pine thinning's, whole tree, and fuel chipping, as well as Swamp hardwood “shovel harvesting.“

Dedicated to assisting landowners in reforestation from herbicide to planting, Caw Caw Land & Timber is here to help.

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