The first step in beginning your timber sale process is to select a professional forester. Landowners frequently ask why they need to have a forester help them sell their timber. The answer is straightforward; professional foresters help ensure your timber sale will be financially and ecologically successful.

If you cannot answer the questions below and others similar to them, you may need to consult a professional forester.

  • How many trees will be cut down?
  • What is the value of the timber?
  • How and when will I receive payment from the logger?
  • Will the logger cut down the best trees and leave the rest?
  • What will be the condition of my woods when the logging is finished?
  • Does the logger have liability insurance, and will they post a performance bond?




Which company you decide to hire, is up to you, but it is best to have a professional forester that will offer the following services:

  • They can help maximize present and future economic value by knowing which trees to harvest and which trees to keep in the forest
  • They can prepare an accurate inventory of what should be offered for sale, including the timber species, number of trees, volume, quality, and expected value
  • They can market the timber effectively to receive the best price by using their knowledge of the timber's potential value, markets, and buyers
  • They can oversee harvest activities to ensure your satisfaction better