It would be best to request that both you and your forester be present the day harvesting begins.

By being there, you and your forester will have the chance to discuss the process with the buyer's representative or the buyer on the site, clarify points of agreement, and have some input on questions that were not covered in the contract.


Once the timber harvest begins, you and your forester need to visit the location frequently to ensure the harvest is progressing according to the terms of the contract and to discuss questions that may arise. Monitoring the harvest will also enable you to become more familiar with timber harvesting operations, which may be useful in future sales.

Remember, when logging sites are underway, it can be very dangerous. Only approach when acknowledged by equipment operators, and be sure to use caution. Discretion should also be used when checking the harvest operation. Unless a blatant violation of the contract is discovered, a simple suggestion to the buyer will ordinarily solve any issue. Deal directly with the buyer's representative or the buyer; do not discuss complaints or make suggestions to other workers on the job.

Once the job is finished and all the contract provisions have been completed, write a letter releasing the buyer from the contract and return the performance bond, if one was posted.

Identifying and resolving issues early in the harvest will considerably increase your and the buyer's satisfaction at the end of the sale. Like most people, buyers do not like to be surprised at the end of the job by a complaint, especially one that should have been easily discussed earlier.